Team Discovery:
“How Good Is Your Team?”

“The formation of effective teams is more by good fortune than good judgment… it doesn’t have to be that way!” – Meredith Belbin

If you subscribe to the view that teams are the prime work unit of your organization then the answer to the above question matters, and alarmingly, given two current trends we observe the typical answer is “Not that good!”

Trend 1: People are on an increasing number of teams – we frequently hear that over the prior 12 month period most people have on average been part of 5 or 6 teams, with a significant number on 10 or more.

Trend 2: The number of these teams that the individuals considered to have been successful and high performing ? – Rarely more than 5%!

Workshop Content

The Team Discovery workshop is a rapid, hands on benchmarking session that enables a team to find out how their team is interacting and explore the critical factors necessary for success.

As a result of your Team Discovery, you will have an action plan for how your team will improve its interaction effectiveness and performance. This usually leads into your next steps in the Team Acceleration® process.

Our focus with organizations, leaders and teams is to provide an understanding of the process that enables improved performance and predictable success and then apply that learning in real teams – in other words, we help accelerate the process of interaction.

Who Should Attend This Workshop

  • Real-life work teams

  • Executive management teams

  • Cross-team groups

The Team Discovery Process

The purpose of Team Discovery is to understand how your team is working, so that at an individual and a group level you can evaluate your performance: understand the balance of people that you have in the team and consider whether you have the appropriate interaction.

Team Discovery creates individual awareness about interaction within a team and helps the team to create a plan that builds upon its strengths and manages its weaknesses.

Tools Used in the Workshop

During the Team Discovery workshop you will use:

  • Belbin Team Roles and Team Map to analyze the balance of the team
  • The Team Acceleration® Index as a basis to rate your team on the effectiveness of your current process around dealing with conflict, making decisions and effective interaction

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