Making High Performance Predictable

Every team has the potential to achieve more than it does. Since 1994, we have helped industry-leading organizations around the globe strengthen their leadership teams and develop a culture of high performance.

We offer a variety of experiential training programs and team effectiveness products that help teams at all levels improve their interaction, which includes how they:

  • Share and discuss ideas
  • Make decisions
  • Use their meeting time
  • Communicate around goals and priorities
  • Use conflict constructively
  • Assign tasks

The result is teams that achieve unprecedented speed, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Improvement in team performance is a journey. We can help send your teams off in the right direction or follow them every step of the way, depending on your needs and capabilities. Use the links below to learn more.

Team Accelerator Program

Create stronger, more effective teams

Our Team Accelerator Program is designed to overcome the fatal flaws that keep teams from creating sustained gains in performance. We blend science and practicality to help leadership and functional teams permanently improve their communication, coordination, and collaboration.

Engaged Leader Program

Be a more effective leader in the real world

Our Engaged Leader Program goes well beyond traditional executive coaching. We help senior leaders and executives interact more effectively with their colleagues, direct reports and teams by working with them on three levels: Individual, Team, and Organization.

Belbin® Team Roles

Unlock the science of Teamwork

Belbin Team Role Reports offer useful advice to enable individuals to form productive working relationships. The reports also help to select and develop high-performing teams, raise self-awareness and increase personal effectiveness.

Teams who go through our programs report improvements in:


Better decisions, made faster


Fewer, shorter, but more productive meetings


Improved clarity and alignment around team goals and purpose


Better use of team talents

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