Holly Ollier brings a wealth of leadership and business transformation experience as CEO/COO/CFO and as a business advisor to CEOs. Holly draws on 30 years of management and consulting experience assisting more than 50 businesses to maximize earnings through initiatives such as operational improvement, revenue growth and profitability improvement.

Ms. Ollier has led teams quickly assessing complex situations, developing and implementing business and operational improvement in areas of product launches, revenue generation, manufacturing and service delivery. Holly has been sought out by Private Equity Firms for leadership, oversight, and transformation of their portfolio of investments.

Here are a few of her roles and accomplishments:

  • CEO of a home improvement company that operates in 13 states, Holly guided the organization to improve lead generation, sales results, consumer financing offering, manufacturing and install service delivery to develop customers for life.
  • Chairman of three private, equity-owned businesses, where she assisted with organizational restructuring, providing advisory services during the transition from entrepreneurial-based to professionally managed businesses. Industries included home health care, durable medical equipment and commercial clean-room services.
  • She has been the Interim COO, CEO, or CFO of five medium to large organizations, helping them realign and achieve key business objectives such as cash control, cost reduction, increased sales, and operational efficiency.
  • Advisor for a large operator of residential homes and services for people with special needs, where she worked with management to identify and implement operational improvement initiatives that increased EBITDA by 67% within six months
  • Led the launch with the senior vice president of a $4 billion hospitality company to launch a global Six Sigma program across 800 hotels, which continues to contribute $100 million in annual EBITDA improvements


Ms. Ollier holds her bachelor’s degree in marketing and her MBA from Xavier University, where she graduated with honors.


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