Cross Team Collaboration


  • Create conditions whereby teams work together toward organization goals
  • Create a model of soundest collaboration
  • Clarify attitudes on best ways to work together in the future
  • Build cooperation and reduce Intergroup conflict
  • Reach joint understanding on current status of work between the teams
  • Develop constructive steps to move from current status to ideal model
  • Plan for gaining commitment in back home organization

Effective inter-group
interaction is vital for
high quality execution

Simple but not Easy – Why?

Behavioral science research provides us with answers:

    • There are always groups within organizations
    • When identification with a sub-group becomes stronger than the identification with the main organization inter-group conflict can occur especially when pressure increases

When inter-group conflict starts it escalates in a very predictable ways:

  • Win/lose thinking causes group cohesion to intensify
  • Differences exaggerated; similarities minimized
  • Negative stereotyping

The Win-Win Alternative

  • Seeking and maintaining problem-solving culture in teams’ work together
  • Focusing on a higher objective, i.e., organization success
  • Dissatisfaction with the status quo
  • Awareness of need to design and construct new problem solving relationship to replace the old one of struggle, lack of coordination and cooperation
  • Creating a plan for building trust and respect
  • Using the motivation to change to develop concrete steps to close the gap

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