It used to be said that 90% of strategy is execution. In today’s fast-moving, complex organizations, 90% of execution is interaction. Getting your team pulling in the same direction at the same time is the corporate challenge of the age. Max Isaac and Anton McBurnie are masters at helping organizations identify and close the interaction gaps, applying their real-world experience to knit strategy and implementation together. I’ve applied their methods. They work.

Edward Greenspon Former Editor-in-Chief, The Globe and Mail

I have been to many courses on leadership, self-assessment, feedback, etc. This was the first one that pulled it all together effectively and simply.

Kathy Jezek Vice President Baxter Healthcare

[These] skills gave me personal confidence to lead the team through an unfamiliar process and emotional project, culminating in financial savings of $300K. … Using the style flexing skills and by achieving synergy within the team resulted in the buy-in of the assembly personnel and gradually broke down the resistance to change.  The project has successfully reduced the Cycle Time by 40%.

Peter Bounsall and Mark Bracey ITT Jabsco UK

I can recommend the book Close the Interaction Gap for any leader in the high-tech industry. From personal experience, I can tell you the ideas and methods shared in the book work. Not only do they make you a more effective leader, but if rolled out to the entire organization, development projects run faster and smoother and it improves your overall profitability.

Michael Ritter President & CEO, NovAtel

Case Studies

Reinventing a Newspaper

Everyone knows what dire straits the newspaper industry is in. Facing this fact head-on, Canada’s leading newspaper, The Globe and Mail, knew it was facing extinction. The company needed to completely rethink its business and break its “old conservative” mindset.

Benefit: Maintain viability in a declining market

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New Product Development

Xerox Corporation has always relied on innovation to drive growth. A few years ago, the company was working on a breakthrough product that combined two very different technologies: a new solid-ink system (purchased from inventor Tektronix) and existing copier technology. The project got a year behind schedule in part because of conflict between key teams representing the two.

Benefit: Faster release-to-market

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National Realty Company

Two years after a new CEO took over at the regional office of a national realty company, things were not looking good. The CEO had brought a number of new clients with him, but still profit had dropped and the company was stagnating. The work environment was so poor that high-performing brokers were leaving en masse. The CEO was dissatisfied with his own performance, but felt he had tried everything to get his staff to shape up.

Benefit: Increased revenues

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Belbin Case Study: Leadership Development

Pete had a meteoric career in realty, quickly rising to the top and staying there for a number of years. Another company recognized his success by offering him the chance to manage real estate sales in one of its regional divisions. Pete jumped at the chance for career advancement. He approached his new job with enthusiasm, eager to prove himself an able leader.

Benefit: Increased Effectiveness as a Leader

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Super Salesman Sam

Sam, a mid-level consultant in small consulting firm was frustrated by lack of career progress. He participated in a Team Role analysis conducted by 3Circle Partners, which opened his eyes to skills he possessed but were not using.

Benefit: Increased personal effectiveness.

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Create Stronger, More Effective Teams Through Team Acceleration®

Recognizing the importance of interaction, we created our Team Accelerator® workshops to help your organization create optimized teams that:

  • Collaborate effectively to resolve conflicts independently, without calling on senior management
  • Integrate seamlessly across departments and locations, establishing a common game plan to achieve greater results
  • Avoid duplicated effort through more efficient communication, increasing productivity and minimizing costs
  • Recognize and promote individual strengths to ensure team members’ contributions are maximized
  • Focus on quality assurance for improved deliverables instead of wasting energy and resources on interpersonal problems


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