Improved Team Acceleration®: Belbin Team Role Reports

We are pleased to offer Belbin® Team Role Reports as a part of the Team Acceleration® process.

The reports offer useful advice to enable individuals to form productive working relationships. The reports also help to select and develop high-performing teams, raise self-awareness and increase personal effectiveness.

These reports detail your strengths in a work setting. The theme of playing to your strengths and managing (but not correcting) your weaknesses underpins the Team Acceleration® process through the phases of individual development, team development, and organizational effectiveness.


The New Belbin Reports

Team Role Descriptions: Strengths & Contributions of Each Role

Sample Report: Individual Belbin Team Role Report

Using Belbin to Accelerate Personal Effectiveness

VIDEO: How to Read Your Belbin Team Roles Individual Report

How to Use Belbin to Become a More Effective Team Leader

Individual Action Planning

Why Should I Redo My Belbin Report?

VIDEO: Predictability of Belbin

Using Belbin to Accelerate Team Effectiveness

eBook: A Guide to Team Roles

VIDEO: Using Belbin Reports to create Belbin Team Maps

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